Kaitlyn Pasquinelli

Kaitlyn Pasquinelli is a Chicago based dancer, teacher, choreographer, and actor.

"Being an artist is all I have ever wanted to do in my life. It took a while for me to get to this place to admit that openly and go forward with my dream."

I used to be a physical therapist, that worked with a variety of populations including dancers. During that time, I had the opportunity to work with some incredible performers in Chicago who helped me realize how important movement is in my life. I made the decision to leave my physical therapy career and started on this adventure of getting back into classes, auditions, training, and creating. And I've never looked back..."

"...Since then, I have danced and acted on film and on stage, danced in professional intensive workshops (Broadway Dance Center, Visceral Dance Center), and teach classes in Chicago. I have also found my voice with movement and dance choreography. I want to help tell stories and create stories that are inclusive, and help those who feel out of place (as I have in multiple dance genres) belong."

Teaching Philosophy

A lot of my teaching philosophy comes from my background as a physical therapist. Connecting with each student and finding what can resonate with each and every single one is so important to me for setting a foundation and setting them free to move. I also believe full heartedly in knowing your own activation and alignment patterns, understanding your body, and not fighting with the body to build and create your own beauty in dance. 

Choreography Philosophy

I care about the moment before. I DEEPLY care about the moment before with choreography. Before you move, before you extend, before you perform, before you dance it out. Who are you and more importantly what are you feeling? Bring that to the floor. In regards to style, I mix ballet, jazz, contemporary, and musical theatre to create something that blurs the lines. I look up to choreographers such as Marc Kimelman and Monika Felice Smith who bring such raw emotion to everything they create and inspire me everyday.


Kaitlyn Pasquinelli is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer, and actor.
See her in action by viewing her portfolio in both still and motion pictures.

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